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Debut novel: True Blue at Heart


Myriads of blue waters, arvo boat rides to deserted islands & kisses under the coco palms. Stranded Down Under, one woman's heart finally opens for the first time.

For her thirtieth birthday, Nina Esquivel impulsively jets off to Australia.

As a drone pilot, this should be the trip of a lifetime, but after suffering a terrible accident, she finds herself battered, penniless, homeless, and without a single friend in the Outback. Literally grounded due to the tidal wave of the pandemic, 

she feels the onslaught of homesickness as her entire life sits across the

Pacific Ocean in California.

By the saving grace of a few locals, who quickly turn into family, Nina swims her way - literally - into a life worth loving. Against her will, she finds herself drawn to Brodie, the hottie next door. From droning hammerhead sharks to diving with humpback whales, she’s swept up in nature’s escape, allowing herself to strip away her fears and insecurities that latch onto her like barnacles.

Faced with her inevitable return to America, will she fight for who she’s become and her new life? Or will she slip back into her comfort zone ruled by fear? Either way, she’s losing a home, so how will she choose?

Please request it at your local bookshop & library.

Tori Hernandez is a published author of women’s fiction, specifically contemporary romance featuring tales of escapism, being swept up in nature’s raw magnitude

& titillating matters of the heart.

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